Lenzy "Victorious" Terry at Wells Fargo Bank

This day was the conclusion of a 4 week financial literacy seminar for our youth! 

Children from 5 years old to 17 years old participated. His team included Wells Fargo employees, that taught about credit, debt, loan, credit score and more. ABC Channel  13 news was on site to cover the seminar. Thank you  ABC News from Lenzy "Victorious" Terry and our team at Victorious Ambition!

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Lenzy "Victorious" Terry was headed to NASA to deliver a missile and when he arrived there NASA's receiving crew became curious with the signage on his BIG RIG! Watch the video below to find out what NASA had to say about Victorious Ambition!

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Lenzy "Victorious" Terry was headed to NASA to deliver a missile and while there NASA's receiving crew became curious with regards to the signage on his BIG RIG! Lenzy has a sign on the side that says "Victorious Ambition". Lenzy, while filing paperwork for the delivery was greeted by a staff member and they were enamored at the work he is doing in his community when they looked at his website.

They then extended an invitation for him to bring as many young people as he could to NASA too they could receive a personal tour of NASA! What an opportunity, here is where you can get involved, watch this video and see how you can help by way of donations of all kinds to Victorious Ambition. 

www.victoriousambition.com or www.lenzyvictioriousterry.com either place you can donate by clicking on the PayPal link and donating what you can. No donation is too small or large! For more information call: (434) 471.2757

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Lenzy "Victorious" Terry taped his appearance on What's Stopping You Now television show. It airs on Roxboro, NC Cable Channel 10 @ 8pm every Tuesday. Look for his two part episodes in season four! In year 2020 his segments will be on Dish Network, more information will follow soon... Below is a short tease of his appearance.